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Exploring the Inventories in the Georgian Papers

Holly Day
Tuesday April 20

This event will begin at 4:30 pm (16:30) London time, 11:30 am New York time.

The Georgian Papers Programme (GPP) will run two public workshops in April and May 2021. The workshops will highlight the work of two researchers who joined the programme as part of the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities REP Partner Organisation scheme. Holly Day (University of York, 2021) and Jenny Buckley (University of York, 2019) each conducted critical research for the GPP, illuminating aspects of the Georgian Papers collections that are of value and interest for researchers and the public alike.  Join us as Dr. Jenny Buckley and PhD student Holly Day share their research on two exciting aspects of the Georgian Papers: inventories and essays.

In our first workshop, Holly Day presents her exploration of the Georgian inventories. If you ever encountered an estate sale, or if you ever wondered how on earth the Georgian monarchs kept track of their incredible collections of art, plate, furnishings and more, then this workshop will help discover the value of Georgian inventories. You can visit that collection here. Inventories are a key part of the Georgian Papers. They are a fascinating and extraordinarily diverse set of materials that introduce us to the material world of the Georgian court, as well as to the royal household and other staff who were generating the inventories.

Please visit Holly Day’s virtual exhibit for a preview for the materials that we will explore in this workshop: Exploring the Inventories in the Georgian Papers: A virtual exhibition by Holly Day.


Tuesday, April 20

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm BST



Holly Day

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