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GPP Coffee Break

Stephanie Howard-Smith
Tuesday March 16

Join Georgian Papers Programme scholar Angel-Luke O’Donnell for an online version of the popular GPP Coffee Break series at King’s College London.

Join us on March 16, 2021, at 3:30 pm GST (10:30 am EST) for  “‘The Queen’s Dog Physician’: Dog Doctors in the Georgian Court,” a presentation by Stephanie Howard-Smith.

Like much of the Georgian elite, the animal lovers and sporting enthusiasts of the Hanoverian royal family relied on dogs for their companionship and skill. Who did they turn to when their valued canine companions fell ill? Stephanie Howard-Smith discusses the healthcare options available to the pets and sporting dogs of the Georgian royal household and considers the impact of royal association on canine health practitioners at a time when the term ‘dog doctor’ was considered an insult.

Stephanie Howard-Smith completed her PhD on the cultural history of the lapdog in the long eighteenth century at Queen Mary University of London in 2018. Dr. Howard-Smith has published work on the global circulation of pugs and porcelain and on the reaction of dog lovers and haters to a 1760 hydrophobia outbreak and dog cull in London.

About the series

The Georgian Papers Programme (GPP) coffee breaks are an informal opportunity for researchers throughout the world to gather together virtually to discuss ongoing projects. Each session will have a short presentation from a GPP researcher and then we will open discussion out for questions about the project, suggestions for related material, or general conversation about the archives and research. The presenters in these events will often be in the early stages of their project and the coffee breaks aim to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about both the materials in Windsor as well as other repositories throughout the world.

We will limit the size of these events to 40 participants in order to encourage discussion among and between us. No recordings are made of the discussions and no tweeting or posting on other social media platforms during the event is permitted in order to create a trusted working environment for developing projects.


Tuesday, March 16

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm GMT



Stephanie Howard-Smith

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