Reading for Teaching–POSTPONED

How do we incorporate scholarship on early America, both old and new, into our teaching–whether that teaching happens in a K-12 classroom, on a university campus, or at a museum? In this every-other-monthly reading group, teachers come together to think collaboratively about how to engage with audiences from a broad spectrum and in a wide variety of contexts.

“Reading for Teaching” explores a wide variety of scholarly texts as possible frameworks for lectures, discussions, and other methods of approaching Vast Early America with different audiences. Each meeting focuses on a single book to be read by all and participants will be encouraged to share their expertise and experience communicating history in different venues.

Hosted by Melissa Johnson, each session includes a guest who brings expertise in the subject area.

The next meeting has been POSTPONED is scheduled for April 21, 2022, 5:00 pm ET,.

We will schedule a new date as soon as possible to explore All That She Carried: The Journey of Ashley’s Sack, a Black Family Keepsake (Penguin Random House) by Tiya Miles (Harvard University) with guest Morgan McCullough (Omohundro Institute).

Morgan McCullough is a PhD candidate in History at William & Mary and the Material Culture Fellow at the Omohundro Institute.

Melissa Ann Johnson is a historian of women, religion, and communication in early America. Her first book project focuses on watchfulness and women’s gossip in seventeenth-century New England. She is also working on two other projects, one on domestic servitude in colonial New England and another on deception and imposters in the Atlantic world. She received her PhD from the University of Michigan in 2019 and currently teaches history courses at community colleges in Oregon and in Washington state.